Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another day in the office for the Kevin!
OK a nice break to perform for Miss Earth Pageant. What better pageant than one that focuses on a planet! The girls really were knowledgeable when it came to sustainability, global warming and of course fashion to. They made a trip to Savers to model a reused wardrobe and also had amazing outfits from reused materials as well, very good green promoting. In this photo Anatasgia Pierre and Dani Reeves together after Kevin's performance.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes it's a yearly happening and not sure its so enjoyable as the days get shorter and the holidays get closer. Summer is coming to it's close. The breaks we take are so important along this journey, grab em and cherish them and don't forget to smell the flowers while there in bloom.
The Show is soon traveling to Copenhagen Denmark for 28 performances in 7 days at the Botanical Gardens. Very delighted to be performing prior the Global Warming Summit in this historical and very green city. Denmark now produces 20% of its energy directly from the wind. Prior that in the midwest, a repeat performance for the Cedar Falls Energy Fair sponsored by the local utilities. Remember there is many ways to Green your back to school activities and lives. You can make a difference every day somehow. Have fun doing it.